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version 2.23

  • Fixed bug triggered when using RDP contour line simplification together with bounding polygons.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_2.23-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_2.23-1.dsc, phyghtmap_2.23-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_2.23.orig.tar.gz

version 2.22

  • Fix to work with changed SRTMv3 data URLs.
  • Fixed home directory resolution on OS's other than Linux.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_2.22-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_2.22-1.dsc, phyghtmap_2.22-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_2.22.orig.tar.gz

version 2.21

  • Integrated patch supplied by Stefan Renatscher, fixing an issue with program aborts after encountering HTTP 500 errors when downloading some SRTMv3 files from earthexplorer servers.
  • Fixed a bug triggered when handling tiles containing void data.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_2.21-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_2.21-1.dsc, phyghtmap_2.21-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_2.21.orig.tar.gz

version 2.20

  • Added support for matplotlib version 2.2.0 (and later).
  • Fixed issue with polygon parsing when there is more than one segment in the file.
  • Added a patch which adds support for gdal VRT format.
  • Fixed bug which prevented polygon evaluation for newer SRTM (i. e. GeoTiff) data.
  • Added the --simplifyContoursEpsilon and --simplifyContoursMaxDistance options and related code to simplify generated coutour lines using the Ramer-Douglas-Peucker (RDP) algorithm.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_2.20-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_2.20-1.dsc, phyghtmap_2.20-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_2.20.orig.tar.gz

version 2.10

  • Fixed bug in o5m output code.
  • Changed the --earthdata-* options to --earthexplorer-*. Since the location of SRTM v3.0 data has changed, a USGS earthexplorer account is now needed to use these data sets.
  • SSL issues fixed now because SRTM data moved to servers running more recent server software.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_2.10-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_2.10-1.dsc, phyghtmap_2.10-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_2.10.orig.tar.gz

version 2.0

  • Ported to python3. Thus, the dependencies have changed to python3 modules, too.
  • Added the --feet options to produce coutour data in feet rather than in meters.
  • Fixed issue with TLS policies in SRTM data handling.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_2.0-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_2.0-1.dsc, phyghtmap_2.0-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_2.0.orig.tar.gz

version 1.80

  • Fixed the SRTM version 3.0 earthdata login issue. I. e.,
    • Added the --earthdata-user and --earthdata-password options.
    • Added configuration file handling to store the earthdata login credentials.
    • Added code for basic http authentication.
    • Added cookie handling to prevent infinite http redirect loops.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.80-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.80-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.80-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.80.orig.tar.gz

version 1.74

  • Fixed bug introduced in version 1.72 which lead to program crashes when using phyghtmap in single output parallelized mode.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.74-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.74-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.74-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.74.orig.tar.gz

version 1.73

  • Fixed recursion issue when using phyghtmap in combination with numpy 1.9.2 on amd64 machines which led to abnormal program aborts.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.73-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.73-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.73-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.73.orig.tar.gz

version 1.72

  • Replaced determination of the minimum elevation of a tile by a simpler method.
  • Fixed issue with wrong node id sequences when using phyghtmap in parallel mode to generate single output files. This is done by evaluating the child processes' results in the order the child processes were started. This change may cause a slight performance drop in this (parallel/single output) mode.
  • Fixed issue with possible one-node paths.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.72-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.72-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.72-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.72.orig.tar.gz

version 1.71

  • Fixed a bug which sometimes led to program aborts when trying to compute contour lines from GeoTiff input data with other projections than EPSG:4326.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.71-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.71-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.71-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.71.orig.tar.gz

version 1.70

  • Added GeoTiff functionality. GeoTiff files may now be passed as input files to the command line. Various projections should work (as long as they are supported by python-gdal).
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.70-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.70-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.70-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.70.orig.tar.gz

version 1.61

  • Added the --download-only option which lets phyghtmap exit after the download of the needed files. When using this option, no contour data will be computed.
  • The --write-timestamp option now also is sensible in the context of o5m output generation. When using this option along with the --o5m option, the resulting o5m files will contain timestamp, changeset and uid information. This may be needed by some interpreters.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.61-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.61-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.61-1.debian.tar.xz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.61.orig.tar.gz

version 1.60

  • Added the o5m output format (via the --o5m option).
  • Added NASA SRTM v3 sources (this is default now; for old v2.1 SRTM data, say --srtm-version=2.1). The version 3 SRTM data have no voids and there should now also be a worldwide 1 arc second dataset.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.60-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.60-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.60-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.60.orig.tar.gz

version 1.50

  • Adapted phyghtmap to correctly generate viewfinder 1 arc second index.
  • Fixed bug which led to slightly incomplete viewfinder 1 arc second index.
  • Added hook to regenerate viewfinder 3 arc second data index to include some new data coverage.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.50-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.50-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.50-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.50.orig.tar.gz

version 1.49

  • Fixed bug which caused program aborts when trying to evaluate tiles full of void values.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.49-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.49-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.49-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.49.orig.tar.gz

version 1.48

  • Fixed issue with viewfinder 3 arc second index which eventually prevented phyghtmap from downloading zip files.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.48-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.48-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.48-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.48.orig.tar.gz

version 1.47

  • Fixed issue with broken functionality with matplotlib 1.3.0.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.47-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.47-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.47-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.47.orig.tar.gz

version 1.46

  • Added input validation for the --polygon option.
  • Fixed licensing issues: All files are licensed under GPLv2+ now.
  • Improved handling of void values in number of nodes estimation.
  • Added the --void-range-max option to extend the range of height values read from the source hgt files regarded as void values (by default, this is only -0x8000 [-32768]). This is mainly a workaround for using source files containing implausible height values.
  • Void areas are now generally masked with NaNs. This was necessary to implement the --void-range-max option and has the side effect that contour lines adjoining void areas are not closed at the void area edges which---depending on the files' topology---can render the resulting osm files much smaller.
  • Since I upgraded my machine this version comes ready for python 2.6 and 2.7.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.46-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.46-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.46-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.46.orig.tar.gz

version 1.45

  • Added the --rewrite-indices option to force index rewriting from the command line. This might sometimes be helpful.
  • Fixed issue with broken viewfinder 3 arc second index.
  • Fixed bug preventing phyghtmap from processing files specified as arguments on the command line. Improved output filename handling for this case.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.45-2_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.45-2.dsc, phyghtmap_1.45-2.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.45.orig.tar.gz

version 1.44

  • Fixed issue with too long lines in OSM XML output (some parsers can't parse very long lines) by adding new line characters to node ref lines.
  • Added an initial check if a file has to be checked for polygon intersection or not. Eventually created tiles inherit this attribute.
  • Removed polygon intersection check in hgt.ContourObject.clipPath. The same result is achieved by masking the input array and filling masked values with NaN which results in contour nodes with (nan, nan) coordinates. The invocation of large polygon definitions should work much faster now. Thanks to Juraj Štolc for pointing out the problem.
  • Fixed handling of faulty filenames in SRTM3/North_America directory. Introduced versioning of index files in this context. Thanks to Giacomo Catenazzi for pointing out this issue.
  • Added a patch by Giacomo Catenazzi which allows for better file name parsing.
  • Added the -0, --no-zero-contour option which allows removal of the sea level (0 m) contour line in the output. Thanks to Jaromír Mikeš for the suggestion.
  • Added the --hgtdir option which allows for specification of a custom hgt cache directory (patch by Edamame).
  • Improved output filename generation. All data sources used as input for an output file are contained in the output filename, preserving the preference eventually given by the --source option. Unused data sources are omitted in the filename.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.44-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.44-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.44-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.44.orig.tar.gz

version 1.43

  • Integrated adaptions of some patches by Thorsten Kukuk:
    • Added the --source option which allows specification of data source selection preference lists. This option may be used instead of the --viewfinder-mask and --srtm options.
    • Fixed a typo in
    • Added code to remove duplicate nodes in paths created using matplotlib.cntr.Cntr's trace method.
  • Fixed bug in hgt.hgtTile's getElevRange method. In cases where the min/max elevation of a tile mod stepsize was zero, too high values were returned.
  • Added support for bounding boxes containing the E180/W180 longitude.
  • Fixed handling of polygon files with multiple polygon definitions.
  • NASASRTMUtil.intersecTiles() checks which source tiles are intersect by the polygon line. Using this, the initial check which source files intersect with a polygon passed by the --polygon option is much faster.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.43-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.43-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.43-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.43.orig.tar.gz

version 1.42

  • Introduces a different pbf-Output implementation which doesn't require python-protobuf bindings and massively improves performance.
  • Removes all google protobuf specific code and adapted license (all code under GPL again).
  • The --osm-version option now defaults to 0.6.
  • Fixes a bug concerning uninitialized 'ways' variable in which occurred when evaluating source files outside a specified polygon which then yield no tiles. This is done by a) variable initialization and b) by introducing a new routine in which checks if a given source file inside the bounding box of a polygon passed by the --polygon option intersects with this polygon. The side effect of this is that some needless downloads are avoided.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.42-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.42-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.42-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.42.orig.tar.gz

version 1.41

  • changes some internal representation of longitudes and latitudes in pbf output. This was needed because osmconvert can't handle longitude and latitude offsets.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.41-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.41-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.41-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.41.orig.tar.gz

version 1.40

  • adds polygon support via the --polygon option
  • adds pbf output support via the --pbf option
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.40-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.40-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.40-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.40.orig.tar.gz

version 1.31

  • fixes a windows-only bug
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.31-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.31-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.31-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.31.orig.tar.gz

version 1.30

  • adds the --max-node-per-tile option which also allows for single file output
  • adds the --max-nodes-per-way option which is used to limit the maximum way length (required by OSM API version 0.6)
  • adds the --corrx and --corry options to correct longitude and latitude values
  • adds the --gzip option to create gzipped OSM XML output
  • fixes OSM XML output to comply with the definition at
  • adds the --write-timestamp option
  • fixes several bugs in the context of viewfinderpanoramas' indexes and plot output.
Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.30-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.30-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.30-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.30.orig.tar.gz

version 1.25

Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.25-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.25-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.25-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.25.orig.tar.gz

version 1.24

Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.24-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.24-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.24-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.24.orig.tar.gz

version 1.23

Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.23-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.23-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.23-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.23.orig.tar.gz

version 1.22

Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.22-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.22-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.22-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.22.orig.tar.gz

version 1.21

Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.21-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.21-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.21-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.21.orig.tar.gz

version 1.2

Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.2-1_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.2-1.dsc, phyghtmap_1.2-1.debian.tar.gz
source distribution/Debian orig.tar.gz phyghtmap_1.2.orig.tar.gz

version 1.12

Debian package/sources phyghtmap_1.12_all.deb, phyghtmap_1.12.dsc
source distribution phyghtmap_1.12.tar.gz

version 1.11

Debian package phyghtmap_1.11_all.deb
source distribution phyghtmap_1.11.tar.gz

version 1.1

Debian package phyghtmap_1.1_all.deb
source distribution phyghtmap_1.1.tar.gz

version 1.0

Debian package phyghtmap_1.0_all.deb
source distribution phyghtmap_1.0.tar.gz